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"I won a lot of trophies in my time, but I never kept a single one. I always give them to my students. That's right, I gave them away. I really don't need trophies sitting on my shelf at home 'cause I have the trophies that really count. My trophies are out on the dojo floor sweating their butts off. They are the trophies that count." Kyoto Gerard Durant

1923 - 1991

Goshin US History
Goshin history in the U.S. begins with Gerard Durant. As a small boy, Jerry was introduced to Karate by his father who was a Jujitsu master. Master Durant was in the merchant marines in the 1940's when he "jumped ship" in Japan, spending the next 13 years learning Karate. It was difficult for him but he was diligent and obtained great knowledge. One of his instructors in Japan taught Goshin Jutsu, a modernized form of Jujutsu where emphasis was placed on vital point techniques, locking techniques and take-downs.

When he came back to North America he held a 6th degree ranking and he studied with a Buddhist monk in Canada for 3 years. He then settled in Erie, PA and started up Goshin Jutsu Karate in the U.S. After a few years he renamed his schools the Goshin Jutsu Kyo Jujo "school where you learn to defend the body arts". The Yudan-Shakai, or governing body, promoted Master Durant to 10th Dan in 1974 following the death of his instructor.

Master Joe Brague began his martial arts studies in 1967 under Bob Brooks, a Goju stylist. Master Brague began studying Goshin Jutsu under Patti Alberts in Sunbury, PA, who introduced him to Grand Master Durant. Master Brague achieved his 5th Dan ranking in 1975 and held the U.S. Directorship of Goshin Jutsu under Grand Master Durant from 1975 to 1983.

In 1983 the Goshin system fell into a time of disagreement and split into two sections. Master Joe Brague became the head of a new branch named Goshin Jutsu Karate and centered in Williamsport, PA. Kyoto, as Grand Master Durant was known to many, eventually moved to Texas to be near his family. A final tribute was held in Erie in April 1991 to honor Kyoto Durant's many years of dedication to the martial arts. Grand Master Gerard Durant died of lung cancer in Pasadena, TX, on July 14, 1991 at the age of 68.

Master Brague was promoted to 10th Dan by the Yudan-Shakai on November 23, 1993 and he now carries the title of Grand Master of Goshin Jutsu.

The Development of Karate
In India around 1000 B.C., there existed a warrior class with a martial art called Vajramusthi. Bodhidharma, head monk of the Buddhist religion, traveled from India to China, making the long journey on foot along a path that is today still almost impassable.
Upon his arrival he instructed the monks at the Shaolin-szu Temple
in isometric and axiometric exercises utilizing both hands and feet. The exercises were patterned after the movements of animals and are today known as Tai Chi Chuan. As time went by the monks, practicing what became known as Shorin-ji Kempo (Temple Fist), became some of the most formidable fighters in China.

The Chinese monks spread their knowledge to Japan, Korea and Okinawa. In 1392 when talks opened between China and Okinawa, families from China settled in Okinawa, bringing Chinese Kempo with them. The Okinawan people adapted this fighting art from China to their own needs since they were frequently being overtaken by other countries. They had only the use of the bodies and their farm/fishing tools; all weapons were outlawed.

Funakoshi Gishin was born in 1869 in Shuri, Okinawa, the son of a Samurai. He studied under Yasutsune Azato at night because the art was illegal. He also studied calligraphy and Chinese classics. By the time Karate was no longer illegal (1875) Gishin had students of his own. 1903 was the first public demonstration. As a method of instructing Karate, Gishin renamed and organized the Katas (forms), an act for which he became famous. Known as the Father of Modern Karate, Gishin died at the age of 88 in 1957. One of his favorite sayings is inscribed upon his tomb:

"Karate ni sente nashi"
In Karate, one does not make the first move.
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